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Like some insurance benefits, teacher retirement provisions do not transfer from state to state. Many states, though, allow teachers to transfer years of service or buy in to a state retirement plan on the basis of experience elsewhere. Teachers moving to new employment in another state should investigate the number of years that can be credited toward retirement. As with hospitalization and medical coverage, retirement credit often is easier for teachers to negotiate before signing a contract than afterward.

Application for national cer- tification is voluntary for teachers with three or more years of experience. Teachers who successfully complete the national certification process are usually recognized by their district or state with salary increases. As of 2002, more than 16,000 teachers had achieved this distinction. Teacher education programs also are monitored by both regional and national accreditation. Both of these processes are voluntary; that is, institutions choose whether to be reviewed.

Teaching is a mind-boggling job. A teacher often does not know that he or she helped a particular student until the student returns years later to say so. Moreover, what students gain may not be knowledge of subject matter. Instead, it may be skills in thinking, the inspiration to excel, an attitude about self, or a model to emulate. Consequently, teachers are constantly faced with deciding what is most important in their teaching. Concepts of Teaching The most obvious component of teaching is instruction of students.

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