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By Mary Deirdre Donovan

Discusses the learning and talents wanted for a culinary profession and describes a number of attainable careers, together with nutritionist, recipe tester, gourmand nutrition store proprietor, eating place supervisor, and foodstuff chemist.

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In today's world, that usually means becoming familiar with the use of a variety of software programs and computer applications. There are number of other positions in the restaurant, known collectively as line-cook positions. Another way to categorize this group of job descriptions is chefs de parties. These are the cooks responsible for preparing the menu items. This is where the professional kitchen's ability to prepare numerous dishes with speed and efficiency comes into clearer focus. By dividing the responsibilities of preparing menu items along a clear line, it is possible to streamline work so much that foods can be prepared quickly and efficiently, even if the actual kitchen staff seems quite small.

The certificate is awarded to an individual based upon his or her years Page 23 of experience and quality of work, in addition to formal education. C. following someone's name, that person has been certified by the American Culinary Federation. " The responsibilities of the executive chef are varied. This individual must oversee the operation of the entire kitchen with ultimate responsibility for the food and service offered by an establishment. It is to this person's job to develop and maintain standards for the preparation and service of food.

Dining room and banquet hall managers often have a challenge when faced with guests who can't make up their minds, or who insist on daffodils in November. But, almost anyone who has made a mark in this field, whether they work in the kitchen or the dining room, truly enjoys working with people. The kitchen and the dining room are generally not staffed by one single person, so it is important to be able to work side by side with other people on a daily basis. Very often, the actual work space that you must share will be tight.

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