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By Diane Lindsey Reeves, Gail Karlitz, Don Rauf

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Although they may report to the CEO (chief executive officer) or the CFO (chief financial officer), they are business officers with the clout of the highest-ranking managers. Increasingly, CIOs help map out strategic business plans of a firm as part of the executive team. Like many executives, they often work long hours, evenings, and weekends. A good deal of travel may be required for attending and speaking at meetings and professional conferences. Since CIOs deal with an extraordinary number of people and situations, they depend on highly developed interpersonal skills and a quick analytical mind to assess large amounts of information.

The opportunities are truly diverse, with new ones still emerging. Follow these pathways to clues about the best careers for you to pursue. The four information technology pathways include: Programming and Software Development Designing, developing, and implementing computer systems and software are all part of the programming and software development pathway. Careers in this pathway require knowledge of computer operating systems, programming languages, and software development. Professionals working in this pathway generally stay a step ahead of the crowd when it comes to making the most of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Explore your options A Note on Websites Websites tend to move around a bit. If you have trouble finding a particular site, use an Internet browser to search for a specific website or type of information. 33 Interactive Media People who work in interactive media spend their days creating, designing, and producing a wide variety of multimedia products used in business, entertainment, communications, and marketing. Potential products include digital media found on the World Wide Web and in CD-ROM and DVD formats.

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