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By Istvan Hargittai

This precious e-book includes 36 interviews, together with 26 with Nobel laureates. It provides a cross-section of biomedical technology, a box that has been dominant in technological know-how for the earlier part century. The in-depth conversations conceal vital study parts and discoveries, in addition to the roads to those discoveries, together with points of the scientists' paintings that by no means observed book. in addition they convey out the humanness of the well-known scientists - the reader learns approximately their backgrounds, aspirations, failings, and triumphs. The publication is illustrated with snapshots of the conversations and photographs supplied by way of the interviewees. it's a follow-up to the severely acclaimed Candid technological know-how: Conversations with well-known Chemists, by way of a similar writer.

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He was going to generalize it to a broad-scale graduate university, but that was an aborted experiment. He thought there was an infinite source of Rockefeller money in it. It soon became obvious that there was not. The Rockefeller University is still a very focused institution of biomedical research. We have the attributes of a graduate university but we do not have a law school and we do not have an undergraduate college, and we don’t even have a medical school though we collaborate with Cornell Medical College in that regard.

Then, in early 1946, I got an offer to take over the laboratory for streptococcal infection and rheumatic fever at Rockefeller. I was trained as a pediatrician and had seen a lot of rheumatic fever, and we knew that it was somehow related to streptococcal infection, but we didn’t know how. p65 26 01/21/2002, 4:08 PM Maclyn McCarty 27 of what I wanted to do, plus the fact that it would give me a permanent position. From then on, I closely followed what was going on in DNA research without getting involved in it again.

The message is in everything I’ve said. AFTERTHOUGHTS I began my scientific career with the view that scientific enquiry would dispel myth and superstition and enable a deeper, realistically founded insight into human nature, our place in the universe, and the means to alleviate misery. Today, one has to be something of an optimist to have an other than apocalyptic view about the way in which scientific and technical power will be used by (some) humans. Perhaps the most important probative thesis is that the most evil behavior is, for most individuals, learned, not instinctive.

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