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In task groups, member self-disclosure is relatively infrequent. It is generally expected that members will confine themselves to discussions about ­accomplishing the group’s task and will not share intimate, personal concerns. Introduction • Treatment group meetings are often confidential. Some task group meetings, such as the meetings of treatment conferences and cabinets, may be confidential, but the meetings of other task groups, such as committees and delegate councils, are often described in minutes that are circulated to interested persons and organizations.

As an end, recreation can be a desirable leisure time activity. As a means, recreation can help a particular population become involved in an activity that has therapeutic benefits, such as increasing social skills. Recreational groups are particularly important for working with children, adolescents, and older adults in neighborhood centers. Because the groups are enjoyable, they are often helpful in engaging resistant clients, such as gang members and pre-delinquent, latency-age children. They can help members learn community values and accepted norms of behavior.

Socialization Groups Socialization groups help members learn social skills and socially accepted behavior patterns so they can function effectively in the community. Socialization groups frequently use program activities, such as games, role plays, or outings, to help members accomplish individual goals (Cheung, 2014; Drews & Schaefer, 2010; Harpine, 2008; Miller, 2012; Misurell & Springer, 2013; Nash, 2011; Springer, Misrell, & Hiller, 2012). The personal needs of members and the goals of the group are often met through program activities rather than exclusively through group discussion.

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