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By Piers Anthony

Be cautious what you need for . . .

“I’m truly a sensible lady who may make any guy a superb spouse. yet no guy sees that. No guy is attracted to my brain or character, simply my whatevers. So here's my want: I’m board stiff. i would like event, pleasure, and Romance.”

So starts off Piers Anthony’s thirty-eighth Xanth novel, during which beside the point Kandy appears to be like at her mirrored image within the water of the shallow good and sees luxuriant midnight-black hair achieving all the way down to her breathtakingly slim waist, matching the darkish eyes in her attractive face. A torso that comes on the subject of absolute perfection. She is man’s hope. that's a part of the matter. within the shallow magic of the good, she asks that her want be granted.

whatever occurs. A unexpected whirlwind surrounds her, lifting her up and ripping off her garments. She is altering someway. Then she falls flat at the ground.

actually. She has been remodeled right into a flat, stiff board with knotholes for eyes.

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Especially not with the young, attractive heir to a duchy. “So that I can be stronger. Faster. ” Reasons similar to why Tamas had taught himself to use his powers. But he had done so by necessity. She didn’t need that. 38 Was this some passing fancy to a noble’s daughter? ” Tamas asked. ” “I won’t train you,” he said. She was holding something back, but that wasn’t his concern. For the safety of them both, he could not become involved with her. She seemed to ignore his statement. ” “No, no. Don’t correct yourself.

He could not have been less than fifty, and he stood with one hand planted threateningly on the hilt of his sword. “Captain Tamas,” the man boomed. ” Tamas responded warily. Everything about the man spoke of imminent violence. He glanced toward the royal guard stationed in the foyer, but they ignored him. “Then you are a bloody fool,” the man said. ” Tamas didn’t care that he was in the palace. He would not be insulted by a stranger. The man drew himself up. ” Tamas reined in his budding anger.

Even if they used their powder trances to outdistance the guards, they would be able to track them without too much trouble. “We’ll have to cut through taverns, inns. ” Erika said. ” Erika stopped, and Tamas almost fell on the slick cobbles. “Don’t be a fool,” he said. ” Erika grasped the hilt of her sword. This was a damned bad time for her to prove she was a better person than he’d thought. “Bloody pit,” he said, “Not here. ” Tamas pulled Erika further up the street, looking for an alley where they could face the guards two at a time, hoping to cut 52 them down before the Privileged caught up.

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