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By Michael P. Spradlin

The Western Territories, 1880. For 4 years Civil warfare veteran and previous U.S. Cavalry Captai Jonas P. Hollister has been rotting in a jail phone at fortress Leavenworth, Kansas. His crime: mendacity concerning the lack of 11 infantrymen below his command . . . who he claims have been slaughtered through a ban of nonhuman, blood-drinking demons

But now a recognized customer, the detective Allan Pinkerton, has arrived with an order for Hollister's free up. The brutal homicide of a bunch of Colorado miners in a way frighteningly just like the deaths of Hollister's males has leant new credence to his wild story. And unexpectedly Jonas Hollister unearths himself on a quest either risky and dark--joining forces with Pinkerton, the gunsmith Oliver Winchester, an ex-fellow prisoner, a girl of puzzle, and a foreigner named Abraham Van Helsing, who is familiar with many stuff in regards to the monsters of the night--and driving hell for leather-based towards an epic war of words . . . with the undead

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