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Oh. ” I am so rarely struck completely mute, but this situation had done just that. There were so many questions clogging my brain, I couldn’t think. ” I asked. “Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. Like the BAU, the mission of the PBAU is to provide behavioral-based investigative support to local FBI field offices. ” Seriously? I couldn’t help asking, “You don’t really believe there are Edward Cullens running around, chomping people in the neck. ” “Not the kind of vampires you see in movies, no.

None of us would have taken it personally if you’d said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ to Peyton’s offer. We know we’re neck deep in The X-Files territory, risking ridicule. ” I liked this guy. “A noble cause, for sure,” I said. “The cases we’ll be taking are the ones no other units want to touch. ” After a moment, he pointed at the photograph on his lap. ” “No. ” I opened my file and stared at the picture. “Look again. ” Slightly bothered by the fact that I wasn’t catching everything I should, I concentrated, starting at the upper left corner of the image and moving across the photo slowly enough to give my mind time to register everything I saw.

We need to get going. ” Not waiting for me, she headed for the conference room door. I followed her. ” “We’d like to get as much time as possible at the crime scene during daylight hours. ” Why did I feel like I’d just said something totally stupid? ” She waved Jordan Thomas over. As I’d noticed earlier, he was the closest to my age. Fischer and Chief Peyton were older, thirties, maybe early forties. I’d noticed another thing about him too—he wasn’t hard on the eyes. He had nice ... glasses. ” Chief Peyton tapped my arm and looked me straight in the eyes.

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