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By Tanya Huff

Fearing for his sanity, 450-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy calls upon his sometime-lover and comrade, ex-cop Vicki Nelson, whose buddy and previous accomplice is in the course of a homicide research regarding a museum mummy. unique.

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They were into the emergency exit stairs for the restaurant level. Almost thereā€¦ Celluci was so close she could feel his breath hot against her back. He hit the last landing seconds behind her. One, two strides to the open door. On level ground, his longer legs brought them even. Vicki made a desperate grab at the edge of the doorway and exploded out into the carpeted hall. 'Nine minutes, fifty-four seconds. " As soon as I have enough breath, I'll rub it in. For the moment, Vicki leaned against the wall, panting, heart pounding with enough force to vibrate her entire body, sweat collecting and dripping off her chin.

They sent homicide? " The attendants were loading a body into the ambulance, face covered. A. " 'Nothing I can think of, Sergeant. Paramedics say it was a heart attack. " A year ago, eight months ago even, Celluci would have repeated the word mummy, sounding intrigued or amused or both, but after having busted his ass last April tracking down a minion of hell and part of August associating with a pack of werewolves, not to mention time spent with Mr. Henry Fitzroy, his reaction was a little more extreme.

Rax running his finger lightly along the upper surface of the plain, unadorned rectangle of black basalt. Strange, when the rest of the collection was Eighteenth. He could now, however, understand why the British were willing to let the artifact go; although it was a splendid example of its type, it was neither going to bring new visitors flocking to the galleries nor was it likely to shed much light on the past. Besides, thanks to the acquisitiveness of aristocracy with more money than brains, Great Britain has all the Egyptian antiquities it can hope to use.

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