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By F W Hehl; Claus Kiefer; Ralph J K Metzler

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Read Online or Download Black holes : theory and observation : 179. WE-Heraeus Seminar, held a Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, 18-22 August 1997 PDF

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3). There is no commonly accepted interpretation and others not. Whether this has to do with the why some AGNare radio-loud host galaxy radio-loud while sources are mainly found in elliptical galaxies, with the spin of the putative ones in central BH or or radio-quiet spirals one of the something else remains unclear to date. This question is currently major unresolved problems in AGNresearch. model' for AGN, which explains the different Fig. 3 shows the 'standard effect. types as simply being an orientational Despite the fact that many details the scenario are not which is described in the following is yet understood, facts reasonably commonly accepted because it explains the major observational well and consistently.

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