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By Charlotte Hempel, Judith M. Lieu

This assortment contains eighteen papers through pals, colleagues and scholars of Michal A. Knibb at the subject matter of the transmission of biblical traditions in a number of contexts. often the articles take care of the transmission of biblical traditions within the models, the pseudepigrapha, at Qumran, and in early Christian writings. the gathering as an entire truly demonstrates the way biblical traditions have been formed and re-shaped creatively within the biblical, early Jewish and Christian literature.

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And he gave a sign that the Lord was coming upon earth if the oak [terebinth] which is in Shalem [Shilo] is divided into twelve of its own accord, and becomes twelve trees [terebinths]. AMOS 1. Amos was from Teqoa', and Amasia his son, continually tearing him in pieces, killed him with a rod, striking him on his temples [Amasia was all the time afflicting him; finally his son also killed him with a blow on his temples with a stick Nac], 2. and while there was still breath in him, he came to his country and after some days died, and was buried there.

5. 24 For the most part Solomon’s account follows that of Theodore closely, though it reorders the sequence of the Prophets (for this, see below). 25 Order of Books The sequence of the Lives varies considerably in the different Syriac witnesses. Three main criteria seem to be operative: the order of books in the Peshitta, that in the Septuagint, and the supposed historical sequence (this last especially affects the Chronicle tradition, but its influence can also be seen on the abbreviated notices in Sinai Syr.

In Daniel’s vision, “one like a son of man” comes to the Ancient of Days to receive a kingdom. 35 The notion of coming to the Ancient of Days is excluded along with the throne/court room scene of Dan 7:9–14. The allusion to Dan 7:13 is combined with an allusion to Zech 14:5: “then the Lord my God will come, and all the holy ones with him” (ka‹ ¥jei kÊriow ı yeÒw mou ka‹ pãntew ofl ëgioi metÉ aÈtoË). The fusion of images identifies the Son of Man, who is Jesus, with the Lord who comes from heaven, with his angelic army to dispense judgement.

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