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This booklet outlines a convention version which supplies expression to the social paintings standpoint on human difficulties. It indicates what useful steps social staff can take to contain their consumers within the fight for social switch. it truly is an strategy which seems to be first to small, tangible earnings which can lay the root for an elevated swap schedule as consumers achieve in self belief and event.

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Finally, the client had to be 'in a state of incongruence, being vulnerable and anxious' about the problem. In other words, the client must own the problem and genuinely wish to change. For years counselling psychologists have continued to view these qualities as fundamental to the helping relationship. The influential author Gerard Egan (1985), for example, stresses that the worker must convey 'respect' for the client, an attitude which he defines as being 'for' the client, and of 44 Beyond Casework regarding the client as unique, with a right to self-determination, possessed of goodwill and a genuine desire to work on the problem.

Accordingly, cogmtlve behaviourists would seek to supplement whatever other behavioural techniques they might use by making the 'self-talk' explicit and calling on the client to examine the veracity of its content. The four schools of thought discussed above were not, of course, the only intellectual movements within social casework prior to the Generalist Era. Indeed, some of the early movements (often overlooked by radical critics) were much more socially progressive: for example, the social caseworker Bertha Reynolds (1951) was an outstanding social activist in the 1930s and 1940s who spent much of her career trying to integrate psychoanalysis with social reform.

As Freire once wrote: The dependent society is by definition a silent society. Its voice is not an authentic voice, but merely an echo of the voice of the metropolis - in every way the metropolis speaks, the dependent society listens. The silence of the object society in relation to the director society is repeated in the relationships within the object society itself. Its power elites, silent in the face of the metropolis, silence their own people in turn. (1970, p. 459) Thus the 'dependence' Freire speaks of is not mere economic dependence, but a cultural and intellectual dependence which serves to subjugate the poor.

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