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For a man like him to wed such a beauty was nothing less than a curse. Finally he forced himself to read the document he held, but he found no release there. In his foster-father’s bold script, it stated that the holder of Saitun Manor would wed Gytha Odel Raouille when she reached the age of seventeen. It was no longer William’s wedding he attended, but his own. His gaze settled briefly on Gytha as she and another young woman helped a still groggy Robert to a seat. Then he looked at John Raouille.

Accepting the change of subject as she moved to answer the rap at the door and let the maid in, Margaret nodded. “Very lovely. ” “Aye. ” She smiled at the young, pretty maid. ” “That I have, mistress. The Red Devil they call that big one. ” Gytha frowned slightly. ” “’Tis true though. More true than not, leastwise. The man is indeed very red and ’tis said he is the very devil upon the battlefield. Most of his men are bastards, the natural sons of highborn men. They were given skill and knowledge, but no coin or land.

That would take precedence over any emotional tie. Purse and property would always rule over love. It was a fact of life she would not deny, deplore it all she might. Her spirits sank even lower when she was forced to admit that it was the deciding factor in her own marriage. She was secure in her father’s love, yet when it came to marriage, he gave not a moment’s thought to the state of her heart. He looked at her husband’s bloodline, his property, and his purse. His interest was in ensuring that she was well placed and well provided for, not in the vagaries of love.

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