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Only this spiritual content indisputably elevates music to an art and to a benefactor of mankind.  . The practice of music demands skills that can be developed to a high degree, indeed to virtuosity, and which then presuppose not just certain 6 [Marx:] Beethoven's words. < previous page page_22 next page > < previous page page_23 next page > Page 23 talents but also a high degree of strain and stamina during their acquisition. Thus these skills are honorable means toward the ends of art. However, it is only too well known how often they are completely perverted, by virtuosi and dilettantes, so as to become the main affair and thus a vehicle for the mere vanity of external aptitude.

For without such preparation one can gain from music sensuous enjoyment, beneficial, indeed even intoxicating and enchanting, sensations, as well as an evanescent train of dreamily aroused feelings and imaginings; but one will never share or be secure in music's highest and most lasting deeds: the gifts that its spirit offers to our own. {13} Nonetheless, it will ever be possible only for a small minority of music lovers to undertake the study of composition amid their other occupations. But it is precisely in this connection that one understands the ultimate reason for considering the state of this study and its dissemination as an affair of general importance.

Nor is it of a purely corporeal or material constitution. It is living spirit, revealed in corporeal / sensuous form [Gestalt]. A method that handed down the abstracted spiritual content of art would no longer be an artistic method but rather a philosophy of art. A method whose business it was to hand down the materiality of art apart from its spiritual content would begin by killing art and would never attain to art's true being and essence. {2} The task of the rightful artistic method is rather this: to bring this [artistic] essence in all its spiritual/ sensuous utterances and relations to the consciousness of the student and thus to make it his true possession.

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