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Within the smooth evidence-based perform debate, there are lots of claims (and counter-claims) concerning the advantages of analysis and approximately its applicability to social paintings perform. This publication tackles those debates in an effort to clarifying the problems for college kids and practitioners in social paintings and social care fields. entrance conceal; part identify; identify; replica correct; Acknowledgements; bankruptcy 1 Origins; bankruptcy 2 study and social paintings - an uneasy alliance over the years; bankruptcy three the appearance of evidence-based practice?; bankruptcy four Paradigm wars; bankruptcy five baby care study; bankruptcy 6 psychological wellbeing and fitness; bankruptcy 7 Older humans and incapacity; bankruptcy eight understanding the worth of analysis; bankruptcy nine study into practice-barriers and possibilities; bankruptcy 10 Coming to conclusions; Notes; References; Index; again conceal

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1 Reference has already been made to the key features of this approach in relation to social work research in Chapter 2, but it is worth repeating them here. The main characteristics of a randomised control study are the random selection of a large sample of individuals and the matching of these with a similar sized sample, followed by the treatment to be tested being given to one group, while the other (known as the control group) is given a different treatment or a placebo. The aim is to reduce the number of potentially influential external variables as much as possible so that any changes, progress or cure taking place in the experimental group can be reliably attributed to the treatment given.

There 24 Applying research in social work practice have been qualitative studies into community care assessments (Lloyd 2000; Richards 2000), the impact of GP/social work liaison schemes in Britain (Lankshear, Giarchi and Hodges 1999) and work carried out with service users with dementia (Innes et al. 2005). Disability Some of the biggest strides in terms of social-work related research in the 1990s were taken in the area of disability. This was, as noted earlier, largely the result of the rise of the social model of disability and the impact of lobby groups campaigning for the removal of barriers to normal living which they argue are put up by society (Zarb 1992; Bricher 2000).

At the other end of the spectrum (if we look at the American picture) education and training for evidence-based practice has meant a revolution in teaching methods at some universities (Gibbs and Gambrill 2002). Clearly, if social work is to shift towards an evidence-based practice approach of the kind being promoted by its keenest advocates, then 36 Applying research in social work practice there is a long way to go. Sheldon and Chilvers (2002) carried out a postal questionnaire study into the use of research by social workers and other care professionals in the South West of England.

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