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COM+ is Microsoft's new edition of its COM object-oriented programming framework. outfitted into home windows 2000, this is often a very strong and complicated expertise that consolidates the positive aspects of a few present Microsoft instruments: OLE, ActiveX, DCOM, Microsoft Message Queue, and Microsoft Transaction Server. by means of pulling all of those disparate companies into one unified expertise, COM+ carry the promise of larger potency and extra various functions for builders who're developing functions - both company or advertisement software program - to run on a home windows 2000 process. The call for for trustworthy and real-world application-based info on COM+ is very large, and to this point tremendously exceeds the supply of such documentation.This publication will supply a coherent, unified view of the COM+ structure.

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In this way, an object can keep a reference count so as to track the number of clients the object has. Usually, the reference count is kept in an internal variable of the object and is incremented whenever AddRef() is called and decremented whenever Release() is called. An object knows it can destroy itself when this internal variable, this reference count, becomes 0. Guidelines for Reference Counts and Object Lifetime A client is solely responsible for the lifetime of an object. Always remember that AddRef() and Release() are member functions implemented by the object itself; they are not COM system functions.

6. 6. Add (1,2) Set Financial = myCalc In Visual Basic, the Set keyword usually translates to a QueryInterface() method call. Although you do not see or work directly with the GUIDs as you do in C++, they are present and maintained by the development environment. Specifically, by including your component's type library in your project by choosing Project, References, the component's GUIDs are included and implicitly used. 2. 2. Visual Basic lists all the registered type libraries. 51 52 VB knows all the GUIDs, objects, and so on that it needs.

3. 3. A Typical Implementation of Release() SomeObject::Release() { m_ObjectCount--, if(m_ObjectCount==0) delete this; } In VB and VJ++, this code is generated automatically, and the developer doesn't have to write it. 46 47 AddRef() Another method of IUnknown is AddRef(). It is just as critical, but not much more complex. AddRef() is the complementary function to Release(). If Release() is called when you want to notify an object that there is one less outstanding reference to it, AddRef() is called to let an object know there is one more.

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