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By Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton units out a compelling account of the way we must always take into consideration the morality of our relations to different animals. He argues that it truly is improper to think that animals immediately have rights, yet indicates we owe them tasks reckoning on even if we're treating them as pets, for laboratory experiments or for meat. this is often crucial examining within the mild of the hot public crisis over concerns akin to veal calf exportation and the BSE trouble>

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Stories of vice and virtue therefore form a large part of moral education. The principal aim of this education is not to teach the moral law – which in general teaches itself – but to induce the kind of character that obeys the law, even when its own interests and desires point in another direction. What qualities should such a character have? The traditional ‘cardinal’ virtues, of courage, justice, prudence, wisdom and temperance have retained their place at the centre of moral thinking – and rightly so.

We will be constrained to settle questions in a manner on which all can agree, and – just as in the common law, which is no more than an extended application of this kind of reasoning – we will tend to agree, just as long as we look on all conf lict as though it were the conf lict of others, and observe it with the eye of an impartial judge. Virtue Although rational beings, adopting the standpoint of the impartial judge, will tend to endorse the principles given above, it does not follow that they will act on them when their interests tend in some other direction.

It is precisely this that lands us with such an intractable problem, when our instinctive reverence for human beings is thwarted by their inability to respond to it. 44 Demos This page is covered by the Demos open access licence. Some rights reserved. uk/openaccess 03. Animals 97 1/5/03 1:35 pm Page 45 The roots of moral thinking I shall now sketch an account of moral judgement which will show its rational basis and its place in the lives of moral beings. Although this is one of the most controversial of all areas in philosophy, it is possible again to proceed by making minimal assumptions and confining the more intractable controversies to corners where they can do no damage.

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