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Uniform version of the Writings of James Hillman, quantity 9

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Thomas does note the Biblical injunctions to treat the animal well, but these, he argues, were necessary because the Jews were given to cruelty! Injunctions against cruelty to animals are because such cruelty makes the human perpetrator cruel or callous to other humans.  34 Kant continues the rationalist mode of degradation. ” 35 Like Aquinas, he points out that kindness toward animals will develop humane feelings toward mankind. Again, the concern is not for the animal. My point ought now become horribly clear from this passage from a sermon by Cardinal Newman: We, in our turn, have no duties toward the brute creation; there is no relation of justice between them and us … They can claim nothing at our hands; into our hands they are absolutely delivered.

The eagle “soon waxeth angry with spiritual arrogance” because its temperament is exceedingly hot and dry.  23 Mighty, battle-mad Ajax takes his name from the eagle (aietos). It seizes the frightened hare, the milky calf, the bleating lamb, the abandoned child; these weaklings fall prey to the seduction of a great grasp. Any beautiful boy like Ganymede can be carried away by the ascending impetus. Power. Knowledge. To wing among the lightning flashes untouched, forever, no more falls. Each day, an eagle tears at the liver of Prometheus, eating into the passionate organic soul of ira and concupiscentia, the Promethean drive consumed by its day-world ambitions.

By infusing the cosmic into the personal and releasing the personal into the cosmic, the method is a re-ligio, a re-linking, re-membering. I revive tradition as I recognize that I am – in relation with the pig – enacting what went on, for instance, in Leviticus, and what is stated in the Bible about pigs continues to be stated in the soul in my dreams. As these myths revive in me through the pig, the pig is restored to its role as a daimonic being, an intercessor, itself a methodos or path of ta’wil out of the egocentric secular worldview.

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