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AND ART although most women died during the child-bearing years. The second occupation for most women was farming. A farm could not carry on without the skills of women in making cloth, garments, candles, soap, and breadstuffs. A visitor to the North Carolina-Virginia border region in 1710 gave this description of a frontierswoman: “ . . , shoot down wild cattle, catch and tye hoggs, knock down beeves with an axe. . ” In the South, plantation wives helped direct the workforce. When seafaring New England husbands left their wives, sometimes for years at a time, women were successful as merchants or storekeepers.

In 1673 Louis Joliet, an American-born fur trader, and Father Jacques Marquette, a Catholic priest, canoed on the Mississippi as far south as the Arkansas River. In 1682 Robert de La Salle followed the Mississippi to its delta and claimed the vast lands drained by it for France. He named the region Louisiana after the French king Louis XIV. France’s colonies in North America eventually formed a long string of outposts from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than encourage settlements and farms, the French directed their interests toward devel- Footnotes to History The Spanish Empire The Spanish empire in the Americas included more than one-half the continental United States.

In Massachusetts, the Puritans set up churches governed by each congregation, or body of church members. They also transformed the Massachusetts Bay Company from a trading company into a commonwealth, a self-governing political unit, the first of its kind in America. 26 UNIT 1 Creating a Nation: Prehistory to 1815 The Puritans who came to Massachusetts to worship as they pleased had no intention of granting the same freedom to those who were not Puritans. Roger Williams, a minister who disagreed with official Puritan views, preached that church and government should remain separate because involvement in political affairs would corrupt the church.

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