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By Mara L. Pratt

Tales of the nice clash from the time Lincoln turned president and the southern states seceded, during the battles of Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, till the shut of the conflict. contains poems, songs, and illustrations commemorating the occasions. appropriate for a long time eight and up.

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Here Beauregard and other commanders came with troops until there were forty thousand of them. Grant had been closely following, and had halted at a place about twenty miles from Corinth. There had been some rumor that the Confederates were about to attack the Union soldiers, but this did not seem probable; and, hourly expecting more troops, the Union army was quietly sleeping, all unconscious of the terrible day to come. But all this time, the Confederates, forty thousand strong, were hidden in the forests all about, only waiting for daylight to begin their bloody work.

He loved his State, he was proud of her, and he was ready to die for her. Now let us see how the Northerner had been brought up. He, I am inclined to think, hardly knew what his State flag was—he never heard anything about it, never saw it. It was always the "Stars and Stripes" that floated before him in these Northern States. "The Star Spangled Banner," "My Country, 'tis of Thee," "God Bless Our Union," were the songs he had always sung. " Everything to him was Union! Union! Union! He loved the Union, he was proud of her, he was ready to die for her.

S. GRANT When Grant had his plans all arranged, he gave them to his chief, and waited eagerly for permission to go on. After a long delay, permission came. Fort Henry, being the weakest point, was to be attacked first. "You, Commodore Foote, will take your men down the Tennessee River in gun-boats, and will pepper the fort from that point. " Foote did pepper Fort Henry well; and in just one hour and five minutes the fort surrendered. Six days later, Grant turned toward Fort Donelson. Spreading his forces out in a sort of half circle, he thus approached the fort.

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