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Gibbs, Mercury) 1. , MOMENTS TO REMEMBER (Four Lads» Columbia) 2. MAKING BELIEVE (Kitty Wells, Dccci) 18. ME. SANDMAN· (Chorlettes, Cadence) 3. I DOMT CARE (Webb Pierce, Decca) 19. LET ME GO LOVER* (Joan Weber, Columbia) 4. LOOSE TALK* (Ctrl Smith, Columbia) 20. BLOSSOM FELL (Nat "King" Cole,, Capitol) 5. SATISFIED MIND (P. Wagoner, Victor) 6. CATTLE CALL (Eddy Arnold & Hugo Winterhalter, Victor) 7. LIVE FAST, LOVE HARD AND DIE YOUNG* (Faron Young, Capitol) 8. IF YOU ΑΙNT LOVIM* (Faron Young, Capitol) 9.

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