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By James L. Massey (auth.), David Chaum, Wyn L. Price (eds.)

This publication includes the complaints of the EUROCRYPT '87 convention, a workshop on conception and functions of cryptographic ideas held at Amsterdam, April 1987. 26 papers have been chosen from over two times that quantity submitted to this system committee. The authors come from Europe, North the United States, and Japan and symbolize many of the top learn teams operating within the fields of cryptography and knowledge protection. the topics coated contain sequences and linear complexity; issues, together with random assets, actual safety, and cryptographic set of rules implementation; subject matters in public key cryptography; authentication and safe transactions; hash capabilities and signatures; and the speculation and alertness of symmetric ciphers.

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Write , 0, and q. ) J for with deg(C)L jS O and q-l = 0. ) J Hence if +=r P W t. x-i j i=l , - v(Q. J+l ) = - q . ) - n - 1. J . j & 0 we get from ( 6 ) , 43 < ti = s for 1 & i qj + q j + l . i it follows from Lemma 2 that tl,t2, then . I register sequence u1,u2, u. = si for - v(mn s g ) = + qj+l + qj+l. 1LiLn. ) = 1, J 1 J J is a shift register sequence with minimal Since ... (7) By the definition of L(n) there exists a shift with minimal polynomial m E F [ x ] of degree L(n) By Lemma 2 the generating function of gnE F[x].

1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 0. 0. 0. 0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Q 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 6 Table 1. Schematic plot of the ratio g:= In ( R(Rr+rN)/ R((rd)Zrd+rN26) ) 3. 2) consists of two LFSR and a multiplexer that takes the state of the first register to decide which position of the second register shall be tapped to give the output. An algebraic analysis of the MSR-generator can be found in 121. For each register cell we have to compute the probability that its content and the output of the generator are equal. 5 to allow a cross correlation attack.

Let ... s1,s2, be an arbitrary sequence of elements of the field Then, with the notation of Theorem 1, for any n+l - 71 deg(A. J+1 2 7n + 21 L(n)& ) n 21 F. ) 3 with the interpretation deg(A ) = - 1, where 0 is uniquely determined by the j&O condition Proof. ) & n & 2 deg(Qj) + deg(A. 3 +I J - 1 , which checks also for j = 0. n J It is convenient to use a quantity introduced in Niederreiter [ 6 ] , [ 7 ] . I be its continued fraction expansion. ) J K(S) Then we define , '00. Our interest will, however, be in the case where For an 48 We note that by Theorem 2 the sequence K(S)

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