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By Abraham Pressman, Keith Billings, Taylor Morey

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The independent variables in the former subclass are currents and in the latter are voltages. The nodal admittance model is almost universally preferred in power system applications. V where Y is the nodal admittance matrix. Y is square, sparce, and symmetrical. The symmetry is not preserved if the network includes phase shifters, or mutual couplings. The vectors I and V are nodal current and voltage injection vectors, respectively. 54) a, is the set of nodes connected to the ith node. Specification of current in load flow type studies is seldom used.

The steam turbine drives the electric generator (alternator). The exhaust of the turbine is cooled in the condenser and the resulting water is pumped back to the boiler. A detailed study of the plant dynamic modeling is beyond the scope of our treatment. From an economic operational point of view, our interest is in an input-output model. The input in this case is the fuel cost and the output is the active power generation of the unit. This is essentially an efficiency-type model and we discuss first various factors affecting our modeling efforts.

For a partially filled hemisphere model a third-order equation results. Accordingly the general reservoir model is given by 2 u,y' N s= i=O where N is the highest order of the approximation. 2 THE ENERGY SOURCE 21 VOLUME, s Fig. 8 Typical reservoir elevation-storage curve. H. OPERATIONAL CONSTRAINTS Many dams and associated reservoirs are multipurpose developments. Of interest in our discussion are the requirements of each component as it affects the operation of the hydroelectric plant. Irrigation, flood control, water supply, stream flow augmentation, navigation, and recreation usages are among the possible purposes of a water resource development.

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