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By Alexander E. Gates

In a single quantity, this authoritative reference covers outstanding Earth scientists from the 19th century to the current, in components together with weather switch, geophysics, oceanography, paleontology, planetary geology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and tectonics. John Dewey, Ian Carmichael, Stephen Jay Gould, Carl Sagan, Richard Tuttle, and Heinrich Holland are only the various many scientists integrated during this interesting assortment.

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His work is a prime example of how small-scale, curiosity-driven science can produce big-scale scientific results. He works with modest funding, relatively simple equipment, and small groups of highly motivated scientists. Collaboration with biologist Alfred Redfield in his early career began this approach for him as well as convincing him of the advantages of a holistic approach to science. Berner attacks his research problems using all available resources and methods regardless of the subdiscipline or even the field, be it geology, biology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, or oceanography, or what techniques it may entail.

He is an author of 82 articles in international journals and professional volumes. He also has several other publications in field trip guides and governmental reports. Many of these papers are seminal works on the early history of the continental crust or the defining works on the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary.

His name is known by anyone who has attended a college course in physical geology by virtue of the famous Bowen’s Reaction Series which appears in every physical geology and petrology textbook in the world. This diagram and concept shows the crystallization sequence of common minerals in igneous rocks of “average” compositions. Plagioclase forms the continuous reaction series because it continuously changes composition with temperature from calcium-rich at high temperature to sodium-rich at low temperature.

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