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In 1973, Ben Klassen introduced his association, the Church of the writer (today referred to as Creativity). This publication, A Revolution in Values via faith, incorporates a choice of his writing from his newspaper, "Racial Loyalty" which focussed on components: booklet I, a comparability of Creativity with a couple of different religions (Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism - Roman, Catholicism - Greek Orthodox, Protestantism, Hinduism, The Nazi-Germanic faith, British Israel - id, Mormonism, Atheism and Odinism); and publication Ii, a hilarious evaluate of bible tales titled "The Wildest tales Ever informed" (includes "Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor," pictures corresponding to "The Hokey Miracles Attributed to J.C.," ; "The bizarre tale of the Rapture,"; "Christian Maniacs long gone Berserk: The Salem Witchcraft Trials,"; "The Jewish God: A Vicious, Bloodthirsty Monster") and masses extra.

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His ministry, however, was short lived and he was excommunicated on October 11, 1823 for teaching irregular doctrine. This experience greatly embittered him. It was between 1823 and 1827 that his vivid and unstable imagination conceived the idea of converting Spalding's fictional novel into the "Holy Book" of a new religion and laying the basis of Mormonism. Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844) The drama now shifts front stage and center to the "hero" of our story, the alleged founder and prophet of the Mormon religion.

The story as told in the Book of Mormon is a dull, listless tale about some ancient peoples migrating to the North American Continent in some bygone era. They then split into factions and battled each other into extinction. All of this is completely contrary to any historical evidence, or even a plausible likelihood. What moral principles, if any, that could possibly be derived from such a long-winded, pointless story is hard to fathom. The creed of its faith is set forth in its Three Basic Books: The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Doctrine and Covenants.

Among his prophecies were those of the imminent restoration of Israel to the Holy Land, and the elevation of himself as prince of the Hebrews and ruler of the world. " Hastings next \ enumerated several good reasons why the theory is false. British-Israel theorists, in the absence of sound evidence for their theory, have nonetheless persisted in demanding that it be accepted as a matter of faith. Surely this is a faith that recalls Tertullian's Credo quia absurdum because it defies all common sense.

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