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By Paul S. Kemp

As soon as the main bold -- a few could say reckless -- grave robbers round, Egil and Nix at the moment are retired, having opened their very own tavern with a facet enterprise as a brothel. The warrior-priest and the rushing rogue are performed with adventuring. yet is adventuring performed with them? whilst appealing sisters run afoul of the infamous Thieves' Guild, the semi-respectable marketers are known as upon to safeguard their honor. And in the event that they locate a chance to counterpoint themselves alongside the best way, nobody might blame them.

Soon they're going toe-to-toe and hammer-to-skull with a number of the deadliest cutthroats on the town. There's only one trap: the hunt to settle this vendetta as soon as and for all leads directly into the Blackalley, a ghostly byway that looks at random to suck unsuspecting passersby into its voracious maw. just a idiot or a madman might input willingly. fortunately for Egil and Nix, they could simply be both.


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