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By R. Kent Hughes

In the course of Paul's ministry, Corinth was once a newly rebuilt, bustling, vital urban within the Roman Empire. It used to be a spot packed with satisfaction, individualism, wealth, and spiritual pluralism. No ask yourself its population held little regard for Paul's message! Sound commonly used? Our modern tradition has a lot in universal with historical Corinth. The relevance of this e-book to church buildings at the present time is impressive. Paul can provide strong theology that turns the values of the traditional Roman global upside-down-the grace of God, the centrality of the go, and God's energy made ideal in weak point. He demanding situations us to dwell counterculturally. during this remark on 2 Corinthians, Pastor R. Kent Hughes conscientiously examines this letter from the apostle Paul to the church in Corinth, carrying on with to supply wealthy biblical perception for the physique of Christ.

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Leaders ought to humbly hold their consciences up to the ultimate — to God’s Word — so that he grounds their lives and leverages a life of truth. All God’s people must seek this for themselves and for their leaders, for it has everything to do with preaching the gospel and bringing glory to God. 5 Forgiveness and Ministry 2 CORINTHIANS 2:5-11 A fter the Apostle Paul’s defense of his integrity, which he so brilliantly grounded in conscience, grace, truth, mutuality, mercy, and love (cf. 2 Corinthians 1:12 — 2:4), he then turned in 2:5-11 to the one who attacked him, but not as we might expect.

The phrase “And it is God who establishes us with you in Christ” is in the present tense, describing an ongoing experience as Paul and his believing critics are being continually established in Christ. Yet the establishing rests on a single complete action that is stated as three closely related actions, each involving the Spirit. First, God has “anointed us,” which in the original features a beautiful play on words that goes something like “God . . 8 Second, he has “put his seal on us,” his sign of ownership that identifies us as his.

Rather than criticism, they all ought to be thanking Paul for his integrity of heart. AGAIN, PAUL’S INTEGRITY IN CHANGING PLANS (1:23 — 2:4) Remember, Paul’s supposed vacillation (and lack of integrity) had come to the fore because he didn’t pay a second visit to the Corinthians as he had promised. Instead he sent them a harsh letter. This was considered to be another evidence of his spineless failure of character. So now, for the Corinthians who still believed this line, Paul demonstrates that he changed his plans purely out of mercy and love.

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