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By W. Larry Richards

The ample existence Bible Amplifier sequence is aimed toward helping
readers comprehend the Bible higher. instead of simply delivering comments
on or concerning the Bible, every one quantity seeks to let humans to
study their Bibles with fuller understanding.
To achieve this activity, students who're additionally confirmed communicators
have been chosen to writer each one quantity. the elemental idea
underlying this mix is that scholarship and the facility to
communicate on a favored point fit skills.
While the Bible Amplifier is written with the desires and abilities
of laypeople in brain, it is going to additionally end up beneficial to pastors and
teachers. past person readers, the sequence could be worthy in church
study teams and as courses to complement participation within the weekly prayer

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A group of Christians in Corinth who were truly Christians would not form a factious group. This would be a contradiction of terms. It could happen, though, if the claimants were not truly Chris­ tian. Any group that sets itself apart from the community of believ­ ers, in a divisive manner, would indeed have something wrong with its theology, regardless of what it was called. 2. " (vs. 1 3). The verb Paul uses for "divided" carries with it the connotation that the Christ Party had actually separated themselves from the others, implying by their actions that those who belonged to another group could not be a part of Christ.

That firmness, though, for Paul is not the severity used to bring an unruly prisoner into line but a firmness that cor­ rects a loved one in a beneficial, constructive way. Parents today who believe they are demonstrating love by failing to correct their children do them a grave disservice. There is no room for blind sen­ timentality in a proper parent/child relationship. "There is a love which can ruin a man by shutting its eyes to his faults; and there is a love which can mend a man because it sees him with the clarity of the eyes of Christ.

Explain why Paul has not ders in verses 14-1 7. What Paul describes three types of buil ders as far as results are are the differences between the buil on relate to his stateconcerned? How does this descripti 1 O? work means by saying that a minister's Paul t Explain wha ister himself is saved (vs. may be destroyed while the min ment in verse 4. 1 5). 5. 6. • ster can be saved even According to Paul, in verse 15, a mini verse 17, Paul refers to a though his work is destroyed. In ministers have failed, minister who will be destroyed.

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