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Artist Statement

I am attracted to gathering places, places we eat and converse. The Hob Nob is such a place — it feels stuck in a time some 30 years ago. When I stop to grab lunch, I notice the lawyer on my right eating a Hob Nob Basket while Bill the plumber to my left downs a Bud Light and a fish sandwich. It all starts with this common human condition: our need to eat and to converse.

My work also starts with a need, the need to make paint into something. I find a location, search for an image that is not inherently “picturesque” and spend time exploring. The process transitions from my first encounter into a series of photos, some sketches, then building and priming a wood panel. With some creative selection, an image is transposed onto this ground and the painting begins. I pour, drip, brush, scrub and finesse the paint, solvent and medium. The process can take days, weeks and even months. The finished piece retains elements of each phase within its physical process of creation. I try and balance the image between recognizable elements and pure abstraction. The process of creation is always fundamental in the final painted product.